3-5 APRIL 2020
3-5 JULY 2020

WombfulnessPregnacy Retreat

Do you feel the need for dive deeper into your body and to relax more?

Do you want to feel empowered?

Would you like to prepare yourself in a (self)conscious and creative way for giving birth?

Do you desire to connect with yourself and your unborn child?

And enjoy a weekend filled with wellness and relaxation all for yourself?

 Wombfulness Pregancy Retreat is a weekend especially for you. You will be indulged and have all the space you’ll need to take a deep breath.

Wombfulness creates with the WombfulMama Retreats a save heaven for you where you can reconnect with your sacred essence. By doing yoga you’ll anchor deeper into your body and the beautiful nature of the location will mirror your own beauty. Thanks to pure nurturing and our loving and caring team you’ll feel a deeper connection with your creative flow and powerful essence.

Would you give this retreat to yourself and your unborn baby?


This weekend we’re guests at the beautiful place of Erve Middelkamp in De Lutted, The Netherlands. The moment you arrive a warm blanket of relaxation will cover you. The nature and atmosphere are magnificent and welcoming you. There is a forest close by and a lovely garden with a lot of privacy for if you’d like a moment for yourself.

The program


17 - 18.30: welcoming circle  
18.30: diner
20.00 - 21.00: meditation circle 


8 - 9: breakfast  
9.30 - 10.30: yoga
11 - 12.30: massage, coaching or meditation session
12.30 - 13.30: lunch
13.30 - 14.30: time for yourself
15 - 17: Sound Bath with harp
18 - 19: diner
20 - 22: womb healing ritual


8 - 9: breakfast 
10 - 11: yoga
11.30 - 13: massage, meditation or coaching session
13 - 14: lunch
14:30 - 17: creative circle
17: goodbye...

Your change to catch a breath and consciously and wombfully enjoy the kicking of your baby inside your belly.

The why...

It’s not always easys being a pregnant woman in the current age in which we live. All day long, everything is asked of and on, so the pregnancy sometimes seems to slide a little past you. Before you know it, the delivery is already coming! Really qualitative time with yourself and the baby in your belly is missing, while you still feel the need to make a warm nest for you and dive into your cocoon. You need a moment just for yourself and your baby...

dates: April 3-5/ July 3-5

This retreat you’ll receive:

2 nights in a cozy shared bedroom (you’ll have your own bed)
organic and vegetarian meals
openings circle
2 pregnancy yoga lessons
1 massage
1 yoga nidra session
womb healing/blessing
creation circle
snacks & fruits
unlimited herbal tea
towels, bed linen and use of yoga mat
beautiful nature
welcome gift
an experience to remember

There is space for 8 women

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