A safe haven where you can fully relax, sink deeper into your body and connect more strongly with yourself, your child and other mothers.

Wombfulness creates a sacred space with the WombfulMama Retreats where you can get in touch with your source. Through yoga you'll sink deeper into your body, through the beautiful nature your own beauty is reflected and thanks to all pure nutrition and loving care you will remember the creative and powerful essence that you are.

This retreat offers you the opportunity to be pampered and completely relax. There will be cooked for you and won’t do any dishes, there is a professional and warm team of babysitters for your child and your bed is spread out on arrival.

The WombfulMama retreats are a moment for you to strengthen and enrich the connection with yourself, your child (ren) and other women.

WombfulMama Retreat for mums & kids(0-4) 
10 - 14 September 2018
Erve Middelkamp, De Lutte

A pampering and recharging week
for mums

Children are the most beautiful and valuable gifts that you can receive from Mother Earth. Besides all the love that you give and receive, there are also moments that motherhood is pretty overwhelming. Taking time for yourself is essential.

You as a mother are the foundation on which your family is built and is growing. Checking out with your family from time to time and checking in to yourself, taking good care of your body and mind, will help to keep your family healthy.

Yoga - massage - dance- beautiful food- a team of professional babysitters - resting time - connection with yourself, your child and like-minded women: these are a few ingredients of the WombfulMama retreat that will lead to the main course at the end of the week: a equipped, charged, inspired and empowered mother!.

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To give you an idea ...

On Monday you will arrive at the end of the afternoon in a beautiful and authentic location in the middle of a natural monument. You and your child will have enough time to make you at home here for the coming days and nights. Before diner we’ll meet the other mums & kids and the team that will take care of you this week. When the children are asleep there is opportunity to come together for a moment of relaxation.

On Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday you start the day with your child at the large breakfast table. At 9 o'clock the childcare team will come to play and cuddle with your child, so that mum starts her me-time with yoga. Afterwards you can enjoy a massage, meditation or coaching session, a book, nature or just be.

At lunchtime you will be reunited with your child and you have time in the afternoon to do something together. On Wednesday afternoon there is a mum&child activitity. In the evening there is again a workshop or a relaxing moment for the mothers, while some childcarers are watching over the sleeping angels.

On Friday there is an activity for you and your child after breakfast and we say goodbye at the end of the morning.

This week is all about YOU! All activities are invitations and not obliged.

The location

The WombfulMama retreat takes place at an ancient farm. Erve Middelkamp is a typical farm of the area ‘Twente’ that has recently been restored and transformed into a unique group accommodation. The farm has 5 double bedstead rooms, 5 single bedstead rooms and 2 double rooms (2 single beds). In addition, there is a cozy living room in the front house, a large attic for yoga and other workshops.


The costs for this midweek are € 997, - Here you get:

- 4 nights in a bedstead room with washbasin and shower
- organic and vegetarian meals for you and your child
- an opening circle for you and your child
- 3 yoga sessions
- loving and natural care (affinity with Free School, Attachment Parenting and Montessori) for your children in the morning and in the evening when you participate in the evening program
- physical indulgence of your choice: massage, facial treatment or pedicure
- 2 evening meetings: Sacred Womb Circle and a Dance Workshop
- baby massage workshop or parent & child yoga (depending on the age of your child)
- snacks & fruit
- unlimited herbal tea
- use of towels, bed linen and yoga mat
- a welcome gift
- a closing circle (without a child)
- a coaching session
- sound concert for you and your child

If you want to take a friend or mother (in law) to look after your child, we look at the possibilities.
If you want to take a second child, then another € 200 will be added to cover the costs (overnight, babysitter, food, workshops)

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