Your womb is your doorway to the Universe

Ayahuasca & Womb Medicine

The very first time I drank Ayahuasca, I had this beautiful connection with Mother Earth. She whispered in my ears ‘Where do you want to go?! There is only here & now.' The leaves on the trees were radiant, the clouds were breathing and the sun caressed my cheek. The borders between me and everything outside of me vanished in softness, making me part of Oneness. I felt whole and grateful and could feel deeply that I am a daughter of the Earth and a daughter of the Universe.

After this experience I never felt the urge to take this medicine again. I’ve seen beautiful processes of other people who needed Ayahuasca. For me it feels like a catalyst, a big push into the direction you need to go. As a daughter of Mother Earth I didn’t want to take any catalysts and let my nature run its own course in its own time. It was only 6 weeks after my first Ayahuasca experience that I found out I was with child: there was my natural process! I felt sick for five months. I could hardly eat and everything I ate I threw up again. My body cleansed and cleansed. Being pregnant and giving birth were the most spiritual experiences I’ve ever had. Especially giving birth. My body and soul completely opened up and I became a birth canal in every possible way. At the moment my first daughter was born, I also was born again. I became more sensitive, intuitive, humble, thankful and I was so proud I gave my daughter this beautiful and soft water birth at home.

In 4,5 years I was blessed with four healthy pregnancies, four fantastic empowering births and four amazing little goddesses. I layed down my trust in the hands of Mother Earth and since then I received so many blessings and gifts. One of the gifts I’m most grateful for is the work I have to do here, besides being a caring mother. The work I have to do is make people, and especially women, more aware of the power they’re cariying inside of them. We’re so used to seek ‘the truth’ outside of us. Therapy, healing, educations, relationships, books, plant medicines… And although I truly believe in Ayahuasca as a medicine that can bring people into deeper contact with their essence, I also ‘know’ that you don’t need anything to make this deeper connection with yourSelf.

My work is called ‘Wombfulness’ and it is about giving birth to your divine nature. During the Sacred Womb Awakening retreats that I organize and guide, you make a deeper connection with your womb, on a physically and energetical level. You'll go back to your own time in your mother’s womb, where a great deal of your blue print is formed. You'll dive into your own womb space, which is a holy temple for your inner oracle. And you will experience that your womb is the Universe in you where you can create everything that is good for you. And all this without any Ayahuasca, but with a lot of Womb Medicine: chocolate!

The retreats take place in safe sacred circles, surrounded by beautiful nature and with other women who all desires to give birth to their goddesshood. Sacred Womb Awakening is guided by Marjolein Vos, mother of four daughters, partner of Rini Hartman, Womb Keeper, coach & inspirator. In September there will be held 2 retreats in Neede, the Netherlands. They will be in Dutch, but translation into English is possible.

More information about the retreats is in Dutch. Click below:

Sacred Womb Awakening Retreats

Private sessions

If my work resonates within you, please contact me any time. My heart, ears and womb wisdom is all yours if you:
* have experienced a traumatic labour, your own birth of the birth of your child(ren)
* feel blocked out of your womb space
* you experience fear, anger of pain in your womb space
* are pregnant and want to connect deeper with your womb and your baby 
* or...

Private sessions can take place in Zutphen, the Netherlands or via Skype. Please contact me if you’d like an interview.

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