A look in the mirror

My name is Marjolein Vos. For years I searched for myself by reading books, attending workshops, courses and trainings and entering into certain relationships. I experienced a void in myself that should not have been there. My search stopped when I became pregnant for the first time. Everything I was looking for all that time literally grew within me: pure essence born in love. My first daughter was born on my 26th birthday. This unforgettable experience was a powerful initiation, a rite of passage. Both physically and energetically I was a birth canal and I was reborn. I became more intuitive, more powerful, softer, more grounded and felt waves of unconditional love flow through me.

In recent years I have been able to experience this a number of times. I am now a grateful mother of four beautiful daughters and the partner of a man who brings out the best in me. I feel called to make people more aware of their essence, their infinite flow of inspiration, their strength and love.

The experiences that I have gained during my pregnancies and deliveries can be read in my blog. It’s in Dutch..

Vision & mission

What I find very important in my life is that I listen to my gut feeling. My intuition is my most important indicator, my most important advisor. With the choices I make, I find it more important to listen to my feelings than to my mind.

Every day, every hour, every minute, every second: every moment of your life you can choose again. You can choose to listen to the voice in your head. Your mind, that’s telling you can not do it, that you have too little knowledge / skills, that no one is waiting for you, that it doesn’t make sense what your doing. The voice that prevents you from living the way you would like it most. We all have dreams right? But unconsciously we keep our dreams as small as possible, to lose as little as possible. But you lose a lot more by staying small.

How would your life look if you'd listen to that other voice? The voice that reverberates through your body. The voice that is almost inaudible because your thoughts speak so loudly. The voice that is deeply hidden in you and actually wants you to know that you are worthy to stand for your greatest dreams. The voice that allows your trust to grow, believes in you, loves you and can not wait until you really show yourself completely.

I want to help you make this voice speak louder in yourself. I want to create a sacred space in which you'll find the power within yourself to shine.